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Modern Structure

Our state-of-the-art recovery areas were designed with our members in mind. Whether you need to recuperate from a strenuous workout, or you just had a long workday, our recovery areas are there to give you the relaxation and recovery you need.

How to take advantage of the Recovery areas:


$5 Day pass rate: - the day pass gives you access to one 15 minute session on one bed in the recovery area.​


$10 Biweekly rate: - For $10 every other week, you have one 15 minute session to use every day.

To sign up or for more info on the Recovery areas call, stop in, or send us a message on the contact us page below!

About the beds:

HydroMassage is an innovative water massage lounge and bed for wellness and muscle recovery.  Powerful waves of heated water massage target specific areas for a personalized and relaxing experience.  A HydroMassage session can help you feel more relaxed, calmer and happier, by releasing the tension and stress built up in the body. The targeted massaging action of HydroMassage can also be a great way for users to relax tight or stiff muscles, which may aid in recovering from a strenuous workout or just unwinding after a long workday.

*Available in both locations*

The CryoLounge+ is an advanced recovery chair that offers targeted cold at 25-30°F for soreness and aches, complemented by warmth at 95-115°F in other areas for comfort. This balanced approach ensures a holistic and refreshing recovery, ideal post-workout.  The CryoLounge+ also features a leg compression feature that offers a lower leg and calf massage in addition to an auxiliary pad that is great to treat hard-to-reach areas such as shoulders and knees.


*Available only in Poughkeepsie location*

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